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Meet Chad, the brainchild behind the quirky and playful SimulationGifts store 🎁. Chad came up with the idea while messing around with different AI tools and found midjourney, he found midjourney was a fantastic tool and believes that AI is going to change how the world does everything in the near future 🤖. By day, Chad is a B2B sales professional 💼, but by night, he transforms into a creative genius 🌟, constantly brainstorming new and unique gift ideas for his beloved customers!

But let's be real, Chad isn't just a one trick pony 🐎. He's had a life long love for technology 💻 and is always learning something new. In fact, he began uploading homemade tech reviews filmed in his Mom's kitchen to YouTube way back in high school in 2004 🎥, and even full time twitch streamed while he was in college in 2015 (and let's just say, he's not quite as good as he thought he was) 🤣.

When Chad isn't working or streaming, you can find him appreciating a good bottle of wine 🍷 and spending time with his four-legged companion, a loyal and loving dog 🐶. He even volunteers at the Houston ASPCA, dedicating his time and energy to helping animals in need 🐾.

Despite his love for the corporate world 🏢, Chad is always searching for ways to escape the monotony of the daily grind 💤. He found his escape in the creation of SimulationGifts, a brand that brings a touch of humor and positivity to the world of gifting. So not only will you bring a smile to someone's face with a gift from SimulationGifts, but you'll also be supporting a small business run by a guy who just wants to make the world a little more fun 🌎✌️.

One more thing...each series in SimulationGifts is time limited! That's right, once a design is sold out, it will never be available again in the same form! This means that each gift from SimulationGifts is truly unique and exclusive, and you'll have the chance to own a piece of SimulationGifts history. With each purchase, you're not just buying a gift, you're making a memory that will last a lifetime. So go ahead, browse our store and find the perfect gift for you or your loved ones today! 🎁


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